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Wickhamford is a village and parish in Worcestershire, to the south of Badsey. The two villages have close connections and share a market gardening heritage.

Historical records for Wickhamford

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1930s Wickhamford fruit stall - an article tells the history of stalls on Pitchers Hill


Some new articles

In the early 1930s there was a need to take market gardening produce up to Birmingham. Read about Ted Roberts and his Transport Business in the Vale.

During World War I, men could appeal against conscription on several grounds: ill health, reserved occupation, family responsibility, and conscientious objection. The article Military service tribunals in WW I describes some of the cases heard locally.

What is now known as Oxley House sits on the side of Longdon Hill. It has had a number of names in the years since it was built and many residents, of whom Lt-Col Staveley-Hill was perhaps the most distinguished.

In 1869 there was a major sale of land in Wickhamford. This included the mill, four farms, the Sandys Arms, as well as small holdings, cottages and gardens. The article Wickhamford estate sale 1869 gives the background to the sale.

Defending the village in World War II

In the early days of the war, plans were drawn up for the Home Guard to defend Wickhamford against a possible German invasion. Tom Locke and Mick Wilks describe the strategy. Read the article ...

Fruit varieties grown a hundred years ago

New records from the
1941 farm survey

The Royal Arms in Wickhamford Church

Visitors to the church cannot fail to notice the impressive Royal Arms. Conservation work carried out in 1984 has not only preserved them, but also revealed a fascinating history. Read about the other Arms that lie beneath, and the late mediaeval wall painting hidden behind the panel ...

Buildings and places

Life in Wickhamford

Church and vicars

Top picture: Sandys Arms about 1890.
Upper Middle: Football team 1952 - 53.
Lower Middle: A Wickhamford festival in 1952.

Bottom: Spit roast on frozen River Avon.
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Wickhamford residents of 1911 - a photographic archive

Following on from the transcription of the 1911 census for Wickhamford, we are trying to obtain photographs of as many of the 259 residents recorded as possible. Such images can be from the time of the census, from an earlier date or later in life. If you have any photographs that could be included please let us know on

View larger Map. To find an address, search for 'Hodys Place' or '8 Wickham Close' or 'Sunnyside, Wickhamford' or something similar. See also historical maps of Wickhamford.

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