Wickhamford is a village and parish in Worcestershire, to the south of Badsey. The two villages have close connections and share a market gardening heritage.

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Visitors Book

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1930s Wickhamford fruit stall - an article tells the history of stalls on Pitchers Hill


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Church Wardens 1663 -1790 and 1840 - 2015. Unlike the vicars, church wardens were usually local men born in the village. Val Harman and Tom Locke have an ongoing project to find out more about them and tell their stories.

Wickhamford church bell and its journey in 1686 from the Begley Bell Foundry in Evesham.

Jack Haines – from Wickhamford to the England team: ‘A Sporting Life’. Born in Wickhamford in 1920, he played football for Evesham Town, Badsey Rangers, Liverpool, Leicester City, and for England in a 1948 match against Switzerland. 

The Will of William White. He signed his will in 1697 and was buried in Wickhamford in 1699. His possessions included 'Six Drawing horses & two Colts', 'In the house one pigge of bacon about three hundred of Cheese', and 'Bookes and other tempory things in ye house'.

Electoral register 1939.

Play area - the 1994 project which led to the creation of a new children’s play area.

Wickhamford Banns (1826-1919).

Ian Gibson's painting

The cottages in this picture once stood on the site now occupied by Hody's Place on Manor Road in Wickhamford. In 2014 local artist Ian Gibson painted this impression of the cottages. More information...

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Top picture: Cottages demolished to build Hody's Place.
Upper Middle: Idiens family at Wickhamford Manor.
Middle: Norris Haines, chauffeur.

Lower Middle: Elias Charles Walters with a horse.
Bottom: Jack Haines, England footballer.
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Wickhamford residents of 1911 - a photographic archive

Following on from the transcription of the 1911 census for Wickhamford, we are trying to obtain photographs of as many of the 259 residents recorded as possible. Such images can be from the time of the census, from an earlier date or later in life. If you have any photographs that could be included please let us know on wickhamford@badsey.net

Map of Wickhamford
View larger map. To find an address, search for 'Hodys Place' or '8 Wickham Close' or 'Sunnyside, Wickhamford' or something similar. See also historical maps of Wickhamford.

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