Wickhamford is a village and parish in Worcestershire, to the south of Badsey. The two villages have close connections and share a market gardening heritage.

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Visitors Book

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1930s Wickhamford fruit stall - an article tells the history of stalls on Pitchers Hill


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Wickhamford Wills (1641-1928) : Testators, executors, beneficiaries, witnesses and others mentioned in the wills.

Kelly's Directory 1921.

Alfred Woodall lived in Wickhamford for about 25 years and made an impact on the local community as a fruit grower. He was asn active member of Littleton & Badsey Growers and of the Congregationalist Church in Broadway.

Farm Students. In 1911 at Field Farm, Longdon Hill, there were two young men as boarders whose occupations were given as ‘Farm Pupil (worker)’.  They were John Lawrence Siddorn, born in Heaton Chapel, Lancashire and Stanley Gordon Stephenson, born in Althorpe, Lincolnshire.

Maurice Carter's National Service. He lived with his family at 71 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford and was called up in September 1957, aged 21.

A Byrd in India. Samuel James Byrd was the son of an Evesham butcher. In 1911 he was in the army at Ampala, in India, as a gunner. Later he served throughout most of the Great War. Amongst his possessions, when he died in 1972, were a stereoscope viewer and some stereoview cards mounted with photographs of events in the Far East.

Correspondence between James Lees-Milne and Fred Mason. The two men were both born in the first decade of the twentieth century but came from very different backgrounds. In the 1920s Fred worked as a boot boy at Wickhamford Manor where James lived. Many years later the two men wrote to each other and had a reunion.

Wickhamford Electoral Register - Autumn 1924.

An Edwardian Lady pays visits to Wickhamford. Mary Olive Marshall kept a diary from 1906 until the Great War. In it she gave details of a number of visits to Wickhamford Manor to see her friends, George and Helen Lees-Milne.

George Percy Osler - Fruit grower in Wickhamford. He lived at 1 Longdon Hill and grew fruit in the 14 acre field behind his house. He had come to Wickhamford, from Hampshire, and in November 1912 sailed to Canada to settle in Victoria, British Colombia.

Norris Haines - Chauffeur and Gardener. Norris Haines, often known by the nickname 'Buckley', was a chauffeur and gardener to the Lees-Milne family of Wickhamford Manor and then Hody's Place. He worked for the family from 1906 until Helen Lees-Milne's death in 1962.

Parish Constables of Wickhamford, Badsey, Aldington, Bretforton and Offenham in the mid nineteenth century.

Wickhamford Manorial Court. A summary of cases heard at courts held between 14th October 1631 and 30th April 1650.

Ian Gibson's painting

The cottages in this picture once stood on the site now occupied by Hody's Place on Manor Road in Wickhamford. In 2014 local artist Ian Gibson painted this impression of the cottages. More information...

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Top picture: Cottages demolished to build Hody's Place.
Upper Middle: Idiens family at Wickhamford Manor.
Lower Middle: Norris Haines, chauffeur.

Bottom: Elias Charles Walters with a horse.
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Wickhamford residents of 1911 - a photographic archive

Following on from the transcription of the 1911 census for Wickhamford, we are trying to obtain photographs of as many of the 259 residents recorded as possible. Such images can be from the time of the census, from an earlier date or later in life. If you have any photographs that could be included please let us know on wickhamford@badsey.net

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