Auctions of land around Badsey and Aldington:
1864, 25 Jul 1864, 2 Jul 1866, 23 Jul.1866, Sep.1866, 1890, 1891,
1892, 1897, Jun.1912, Sep.1912, 1914, 1915, 1930.

Auction September 1866
Aldington Manor House

Auctions of land and property in Badsey and Aldington were held from time to time. The published particulars give useful information about place names, ownership and other details.

This auction followed the death of Richard Ashwin. The Manor House at Aldington belonged to the wealthy Ashwin family of Bretforton for many years but Richard was the last Ashwin to occupy it. Five years earlier he appeared on the 1861 census as a widower at the Manor House living with three of his servants. He was described as 'a farmer of 260 acres employing 9 men and 5 boys' born at Bretforton. The house itself was not offered for sale here and after Richard's death, was rented to tenants, including Arthur Savory who lived there between 1873 to 1901. Although the auction includes five orchards, this is before the time of market gardening and the sale suggests conventional farming.

The list of lots makes fascinating reading including items like a turbot kettle, a crimping machine and five kipes.

We are grateful to Gill Stewart for lending us this document.


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